A Typical Day

Typical Day

The children’s typical day consists of:

  • Circle Time – a gathering of the children and teachers where the teacher introduces the day’s activities and learning unit, reviews the job chart, calendar and weather, sings songs, reads a story, does finger plays, etc.
  • Center Play and Teacher Directed Activities – the children are free to move about the learning centers in the classroom. Typical activities during this time would include playing in the dramatic play area (we often set up our own ice cream parlors, hospitals, pizza parlors, camping equipment and tepees), building wonderful creations with blocks, working at the writing center, counting and classifying various items in the sensory table, and playing with a wide variety of small manipulative. Since all of our classes have two teachers, one teacher is able to work with each child on an individual basis during this time while the second teacher supervises the general play.
  • Large Muscle Time – We have a large, fenced well equipped playground as well as an indoor playground we use in inclement weather.
  • Snack Time – We supply a healthy snack for the children. In our older classes, many times the children cook and serve their own snacks.
  • Sensory Room Time – this special room includes a sand table, water table, construction table, and free choice table where the children experience different activities that are designed to develop large and small motor skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving.

We also incorporate music classes, People and Places (social studies curriculum) and Family Chapel on a rotating weekly basis.  In addition, we often bring in special visitors to the school – some recent guests include The Cincinnati Zoo, animals from Sunrock Farm, the Terrace Park Fire Department, the Schoolhouse Symphony, and a Christian Storyteller.